Business_reviewHospitality and Leisure Business Reviews

A business review is an opportunity to see your business through a different set of eyes. It can be very easy to get into a repetitive mode in which existing ways of operation are perpetuated and possible changes that could lead to improved profitability are ignored.

Then there is the old issue of ‘we don’t know what we don’t know’. An effective business review is designed to overcome that.

The ideal business review will be driven by you and your business. It can be focussed on one area – say marketing, maximising room revenues or H&F club membership levels  or cost control – or could be a general overview of the current performance designed to identify where revenue, service levels and/ or profitability can be increased the most.

Chris Morton worked as a manager, general manager and director in a range of business including hotels, caterers, restaurants and health and fitness clubs. As a result all recommendations are based on practical experience that has since been enhanced by involvement in many business not just in the UK but in Europe and Asia.

In the past CMA has worked with organisations such as tourist boards and the Best Practice Forum to offer business review programmes and Chris Morton is also a non-executive director of a catering/ retail business which enables him to remain in touch with operational situations.